Security Statistics for November 2017

Category #
Open Garage Doors 115
Suspicious Vehicles 9
Suspicious Persons 15
Calls for Assistance 6
Vandalism 1
Lights Out
Irrigation Leaks 1
Vacation Watches 194
Police/Fire/EMS Requests 1
Car Accidents


11/05/16  D Emerson (2000-400)

A rather large amount of teens have gathered at the city park, I called Phoenix Police and they already had a call in for it. Once the police arrived there was very little traffic in the area

11/10/16  D Emerson (2000-400)

Received call from 30X E Forest Hills, resident stated there was a suspicious vehicle parked in front of 24X E Forest Hills. I arrived in the area and found a red Jeep Liberty AZ Pl#BFN3781 parked outside of 24X and the vehicle was vacant, I took the plate down but it appeared they were just visiting. About 20 mins later same resident called back and asked for plate, she stated that the two females were in front of an address off of Deepdale on someone’s front porch so she called 911 and then the two girls ran back to the vehicle and drove off with headlights off. I later spoke with 24X Forest Hills and it was apparently two teenagers that for an unknown reason were on a resident porch (the resident has clear video of them). The resident pounded on her door and the two girls ran off. Phoenix Police responded but it didn’t appear they checked the address to the plate, resident said while police present the vehicle passed back by and the officer didn’t stop them. Keep an eye out for vehicle.

I had several calls of teenagers speeding, doing donuts and squealing wheels. I would chase teenagers out of the Mormon parking lot, then Sunset North, then Country Club they then went to the city park however would drive back to the Mormon Church do donuts and return to the park. I went ahead and called Phoenix Police since there were just too many for me to keep track of. Gold Ford Focus BXE1237, VW Jetta (dark) ATB7717, another gold vehicle BSW0629.

11/12/16  D Emerson (2000-400)

A red car at Sunset North honking their horn for no reason, start of AZ Pl#ASH, was with black car AZ Pl # BRX6422 and they left out Coral Gables. I stayed in the area to make sure they left.

11/13/16  Peete (2000-400)

Spoke with White American male saw driving around on Moon Valley in Ford ranger pickup blk plt # BLY6244 he was driving around picking through the free things residents left out for trash people to pick up.

11/16/16  D Emerson (2000-400)

Was advised there has been vehicle break ins off of Moon Valley, no foot, bike traffic seen in the area. No suspicious activity either.

11/18/16  D Emerson (2000-400)

Around 12 vehicles pulled into country club while I was in parking lot. I had hoped they’d leave on their own with my presence but I had to tell them to leave. They all went to the park but left area by 1am.

11/19/16  D Emerson (2000-400)

2330 I had several reports of large groups of teenagers on the golf course. I advised maintenance from the country club that he needed to call the police to deal with them on property. I ran into a group of 6 of the wash at the entrance

of Valle de Luna and instead of listening to me they decided to run and hide. I advised them that I had their license plates and that if they did not leave I would call the police. They still did not listen. I called Phoenix Police while waiting two females came out and got in there vehicle the one in the White Mazda CX-5 AZ pl#AGT3040 I recognized her from last week in the same area with a teenage boy and one of them threw and broke a glass Corona beer bottle on the ground. She advised she was going home I was not able to make contact with the male. The second female in a Honda Accord AZ pl# AYA2612 and the third vehicle of 4 males Gold Nissan Maxima AZ pl# BTJ2281. I yelled at the two girls that they were trespassing and they need to learn to obey because now I have the police coming for a bunch of kids fooling around. They apologized and left. The males showed up much later in the gold Maxima and were detained by the police. Unknown if these were any of the teenagers throwing rocks or being loud but they were lectured by the police and released.

11/25/16  Charley Guzior (900-1400)

0920 Found a vacant home at 14602 N Coral Gables with 2nd level door open. Called the police and notified the realtor company. Police went through the home and found no one inside. There was no damage done to the interior all doors are now locked.

11/25/16  B Baker (1400-2200)

Received a call from resident (Marcie) at 1485X N. Moon Valley Drive. Resident wanted to inform security that her child’s birthday party would be taking place tomorrow (Sat. 11/26/16) at approximately 3:00PM. Two (2)Phoenix Police vehicles are in the 600 block of Moon Valley Dr. Police Officers would not provide information regarding their presence in the area.


W Waite (1500-2000)

At approximately 1736 I saw what looked to be a transient White male, mid-late 50’s walking down Moon Valley Dr. I made contact with the gentleman and told him he needed to leave the community. I followed him until he left without incident.

11/26/16  Dunham (2000-800)

At 2150 was waved down by David and Roger (maintenance workers from country club) telling me they found two people sitting on tennis court drinking. I pulled around and confronted the suspects. Alex Sevenshi and Jake Chaney said they’re residents, but when asked for address they gave no community addresses. Told them they were not allowed to drink at tennis courts and since they were nonresidents of the community that they were trespassing and needed to leave immediately before police were called. They left quickly.

11/28/16  B Baker (1400-2100)

1440 Spoke with resident at 2X E Acapulco Lane. Resident wanted to inform security that someone attempted to break into his Jeep (parked in the driveway) last week. Resident stated he ran the individual off his property and called the police. Subject is described as Hispanic or white, dressed in all black, with an athletic build. No damage was caused to his vehicle and nothing was stolen. No further information was provided. I advised the resident that we will keep an eye out and also reminded him that security is available 24/7 up to Christmas Eve.

1610 I was made aware of an incident that occurred a couple weeks ago. The resident at 1X East Canterbury Court flagged me down and informed me that when she returned home from her trip to Mexico, she found 3 holes in the front of her home windows that appear to be bullet holes. She notified Phoenix Police of the incident. She also made a comment to me that she does have an “enemy” right now and would like us to keep an eye out for anyone suspicious around the area during our patrols.

1744 Observed a suspicious vehicle in the Moon Valley Country Club parking lot. Vehicle is a gold, mid-90’s, Buick Road master with Arkansas plate# 340RWO. Vehicle has front end damage and appeared to have the keys in the center console. Notified Phoenix Police to check if the vehicle has been reported stolen. Records check was negative and the police have no interest in the vehicle at this time.

2040 While patrolling by the Moon Valley Country Club, I noticed a significant water leak in the Northwest corner of the parking lot. The water was flowing from a nearby control valve box and/or backflow. I noticed two country club workers near the main building and made contact with them. One of the individuals stated he was the head engineer and was aware of the leak. He thanked me for being vigilant and stated it should be repaired tomorrow.

11/29/16  B MacAfee (1400-2100)

17:20- Spoke at length with resident Sick Moot of 1423X N. Piping Rock Ct. He shared some past theft incidents and asked that I keep a look out for a dark 4dr Nissan or Toyota with black wheels and a black Ford SUV with tan trim & chrome wheels. Did I stated that the drivers of these vehicles belong to the person(s) who stole from his garage and he observed attempt to steal from his Vehicle.

11/30/16  B MacAfee (1400-2000)

18:08- While patrolling westbound 300 W. Country Gables a White 4dr compact Sedan AZ pl# BTX9118 approached from behind flashing brights On/Off. No other vehicles were present. At Moon Valley drive intersection, subject vehicle was immediately behind, but no one exited the vehicle. Security then crossed Moon Valley Dr., and parked allowing room for subject vehicle in event it was a resident with a concern. Subject vehicle followed until security vehicle pulled over at which point they made a U-turn and exited the area southbound on Moon Valley Drive