Security Update – December 2017

Attention Moon Valley Neighbors:

We are being made aware of more burglaries during this Christmas and Holiday season ranging from mailbox thefts, home break-ins, to belongings stolen from cars.  A few suggestions:

  • Consider locking mailboxes
  • Keep your homes secure with security alarm service and good lighting
  • If not parked in a secure garage, keep you car locked and make sure no garage remotes are left in the car
  • Be observant and if you witness a crime, call 911.  If you notice a suspicious car, individuals, contact crime stop.
  • Share information with the neighborhood on social media app:  nextdoor

Be aware and we all must stay vigilant.  Through security membership dues,  MVNA budgeted for 7×24 patrol service through Community Action Security for increased monitoring during this holidays.   It is making a difference, but we could do more with increased membership.  Today we have less than 50% of the 1600 homes subscribing and we could do so much more with expanded participation, funds.  If you are not a subscriber, please join in 2017 as you are helping improve the safety and security of our neighborhood.