Moon Valley Dues and Security

Hey Moon Valley Neighbors!! Don’t forget to participate in the 2017 Moon Valley General Membership as well as Neighborhood Security programs!

For only $25 per year, you receive our quarterly newsletters, organization of the community-wide garage sales, Christmas holiday luminaries, holiday decorating contact, and more!

For just $90 a year (that 25 cents a day!) you receive security benefits provided by Community Action Security (CAS) which include: assistance with follow-up on suspicious activity and dispatching of police; participation in the vacation watch program; open garage door notifications, and; last but not least locked-car assistance and lost-pet assistance. The more neighbors that subscribe to this service, the more hours of neighborhood coverage CAS can provide.

So don’t delay! Please click on the link below for the form. You can either mail a check to the address indicated on the form, or you can have your bank cut a check through your bill-pay service (keep in mind that if you work through your bank, be sure to include the address of the Moon Valley residence you are subscribing for).

We look forward to your participation in 2017, and beyond!