Links & Community Contacts

Being a Good Neighbor

-The MVNA is a group of ”neighbors helping neighbors.”  Ever wonder what it means to “be a good neighbor? Read this great article!

Community Contacts:


– Community Action Security (On-Duty Officer)    (602)751-6142

– City of Phoenix Police (Crime Stop)    (602)262-6151

– The Moon Valley community is in the Black Mountain Police Precinct #200      (602) 495-5002 

Click this link to see the 200_Precinct_and_Squad_Area_Maps

Programs Officer
Officer Rebecca Tiger

We are in the 22 Beat Area
Our Coummunity Action Officers are

Officer Andrew Miller #5279
(602) 495-5238
– Traffic Issues/Complaints     (602)534-7733

– City of Phoenix (Graffiti Vandals)     (602)262-7327

Click this link to view the Seamless Service Directory 2015-2016 for many more important phone numbers

– 24 HR Emergency Pet Care (520 W. Union Hills, Phx.)    (623)849-0700

Community Organizations of Interest:

Moon Valley Country Club:

The Moon Valley Clubhouse won the “2009 Renovation of the Year Award” by Golf Inc. Magazine.

Moon Valley Country Club is one of Arizona’s most respected and successful private country clubs. Built in the early 1960s, it is the heart of our Moon Valley community.

Rich in history, with a friendly and attentive professional staff, first class amenities, and a camaraderie you won’t find anywhere else, Moon Valley Country Club represents a unique alternative for clubs in this region. Under new ownership at Moon Valley, they work very hard to maintain a friendly, family-oriented, relaxed atmosphere at all times. You will certainly get the white glove treatment when appropriate, but they take pride in not taking themselves too seriously.

The club offers championship golf, swimming, tennis, fitness center, elegant dining and multiple member events throughout the year.

For more information, click Moon Valley CC and check out all the amenities the club has to offer.
Moon Valley Women’s Club:

MVWC is a social and service club founded in 1970. Membership is open to women living within our boundaries, which are comprised of the following streets: North side of Thunderbird Road, West side of Seventh Street, Homes on Paradise Lane/LeMarche Avenues, East of and including Moon Mountain and Coral Gables Estates, and South of Greenway including Moonlight Cove, Tamarac and Las Meridas.  

Our opening event for the year is a luncheon on September 15th at the Moon Valley Country Club. We will meet for a social followed by lunch. September is also the beginning of the year for our many activity groups. Our President, Mary Henigar, will welcome our members and guests at this luncheon. 

We have over 245 members from their 20’s to 90’s. There are over 50 activity groups that our members can join. These include Gardening, Service Projects, Moms & Tots, Book Clubs, Walking, and several Bridge, Bunco, Pinochle and Dominoes groups. We also have Movies, Museums & Tours, Matinees, Restaurant Review and Genealogy as well as Wine Tasting and a Dinner Group to name some of our activities. There may be other new groups started by our members.   

If you are new to the area or haven’t joined recently, you are encouraged to come and meet your neighbors. Monthly luncheons with programs are usually held on the second Thursday of the month from September through May at various locations. Luncheon attendance is open to our members and their guests. We also have a monthly newsletter mailed or emailed to each member to keep them informed of club information, luncheons, and activities. Our dues are $25 per year to receive the newsletter by U S mail or $20 per year to receive the newsletter by email.  

If you would like additional information about membership, dues, group participation and details for the September luncheon, please contact Sandi Kogan at 602-375-1433 or email: If you live within our boundaries, we can send you a copy of our August Newsletter and a membership form by email or U S mail. The deadline for reservations for the September luncheon and dues is September 8th.