Moon Valley Security

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Community Action Security (CAS) provides the Moon Valley community with efficient and deterrent vehicle patrol services. All CAS vehicle patrol guards are licensed by the Arizona Department of Public Safety. CAS has been conducting our vehicle patrol for over fifteen years.

The CAS fleet vehicles guard our community at randomized times throughout the day and night. Why do this? Creating random vehicle patrol times will make it difficult for unwanted visitors to guess when the vehicle patrols will visit. This “planned-erraticism” is crucial to creating the CAS security strategy. During the Holiday season from Thanksgiving through New Year we subscribe to additional patrol services.

Learn more about CAS by visiting their site:  Community Action Security Service 

  • Community Action Security Patrol Vehicle 602-751-6142
  • Vacation Watch  (CAS office)  602-697-7492
  • MVNA Board of Directors liason – Ron Wyckmans  602-284-6609

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