MVNA Board

Current Board of Directors

Bret Aldieri : President

Bret Aldieri


The duties of MVNA Board President include conducting all meetings (monthly meetings, special meetings and annual meeting), oversee the agendas and direction for all MVNA business special projects and committees, producing the monthly article “President’s Points” column to the Moon Valley Tattler for publication and preparing a year-end report for distribution and discussion at January Meeting.

Moon Valley resident since 2009. My wife Barbara was an early resident during the 70's and the drive for our return to this exceptional neighborhood. We have 3 grown children that live across the valley leaving us with 2 cats and a new puppy named Maizey at home. I've been in Arizona since 1987 and have worked for Honeywell for more than 27 years. My wife and I are both sport members at the MVCC and enjoy the club features often including daily course walks. Barbara and I both enjoy the unique environment that our Moon Valley neighborhood has to offer - a quiet, north centrally located community near the heart of Phoenix, with semi-custom homes built around a championship golf club. We aim to find ways to improve our neighborhood and keep it's unique features available for all to enjoy.

Laura Moore : Director - Special Projects

Laura Moore

Director - Special Projects

Joshua Matthews : Director - Secretary

Joshua Matthews

Director - Secretary

Felicity Barrett : Director - Treasurer

Felicity Barrett

Director - Treasurer

As MVNA Vice-president, Felicity must be available to assist with any requests from the President and be available to stand in during President’s absence. Additionally, the VP is responsible for any special projects that require MVNA participation.

Ron Wyckmans : Director - Community Safety

Ron Wyckmans

Director - Community Safety

Ron is the MVNA liaison to Community Action Security (CAS), our security patrol service. He receives/reviews the daily CAS reports and passes that information along to the Board. He writes a Security column for each MVNA Newsletter, supplies the web site with short articles pertaining to general security and safety issues, determines if extra security is needed during special events(e.g., the fall holiday period), ensures distribution of the security sticker to all subscribers and provides a CAS representative talk at our Annual Meeting.

Drew Hutchinson : Director - Membership and Outreach

Drew Hutchinson

Director - Membership and Outreach

Maintains the Resident Data Base(currently an Exel spreadsheet and a web-resident data base), picks up mail at our PO Box, logs all receipts of dues/security payments, provides a summary report at the Board meetings of dues/security receipts and creates the mailing lists for periodic membership mailings.

Cody Jess : Director - Deed Restrictions and Beautification

Cody Jess

Director - Deed Restrictions and Beautification

Cody is responsible for ensuring compliance with the Neighborhood’s restrictive covenants.  Cody responds to complaints regarding CC&R violations, rectifies violations by working with members of the Neighborhood, the City of Phoenix, and the Phoenix Police Department, and apprises the Board of Directors on all matters regarding Neighborhood CC&Rs. 

Cody has been a Moon Valley resident since 2015, and practices commercial law in downtown Phoenix


Beverly Arnold : Director - Newsletter

Beverly Arnold

Director - Newsletter

Sylvia Iodice : Director

Sylvia Iodice


Hector Gill : Director

Hector Gill


Tom Richards : Director

Tom Richards


Committee Members